Cultivating Peace in Times of Dis-ease

A FREE online resource featuring the wisdom of female thought leaders in response to anxiety and fear surrounding the Coronavirus.

In the midst of the Coronavirus, are you wondering how to…?

  • Handle feelings of loneliness.
  • Know what’s really true of the Coronavirus and what you can actually do to stay healthy.
  • Respond with wisdom rather than react out of fear.
  • Overcome negative thinking when people around you are freaking out and things seem ominous.
  • Practically care for your family, friends, and neighbors in the midst of social distancing.
  • Create an inspiring environment in the space where you’ll be spending more time…your home.
  • Talk to your children about the virus that gives them peace.
  • Survive educating your children at home. 
  • Creatively navigate changes in your finances.

This FREE online resource includes exclusive video interviews with nine female thought leaders – also available as audio downloads. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to cultivate peace!

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  • 10 Lessons